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Belle-Clair Speedway (aka: BelleVegas) is a 1/5 mile semi-banked dirt oval located at the Belle-Clair Fairgrounds in Belleville, IL that hosts UMP Late Models, UMP Modifieds, UMP Pro Modifieds, UMP/AARA Pure Stocks, POWRi National Midget's, POWRi Micro's, Sprint Cars in addition to other family friendly events between the months of March and October. With the wide variety of events scheduled, there is something for everyone at the most action-packed track in Southern Illinois. Come visit the historic Little Belleville!



Shamrock 40 Belle-Clair Speedway Season Opener – Friday, March 31st

The Shamrock 40 at Belle-Clair Speedway will serve as the 2017 season opener on Friday, March 31st.  The event will feature UMP Late Models, Modifieds, B-Mods, Belleville Automotive Pure Stocks, Sport Compacts and BOSS Performance 600cc Outlaw Micros.  The Shamrock 40 will kick off the season point’s chase for the Champion.  Late Models will pay $1500 to WIN and Modifieds $750.00 to WIN.  For Late Models, there is a $1000 bonus if you WIN both the Belle-Clair Speedway Shamrock 40 and the Highland Speedway Lucky 40. Spectator gates will open at 5:00pm, hot laps at 6:30pm with racing following hot laps.  General Admission is $15.00 Kids (under 12) FREE with adult.  For more Information, go to   Friday 3/31 Classes UMP Late Models Modifieds B-Mods Belleville Automotive Pure Stocks Sport Compacts BOSS Performance 600cc Outlaw Micros   Friday 3/31 Times Pit Gates Open – 3:00pm Spectator gates open – 5:00pm …

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Friday, March 31st Cancelled

Belleville, IL – Friday, March 31st has been cancelled due to all the rain received over the past week. Starting with the cancellation of practice day because the track was too wet to prepare, coupled with the new dirt for the racing surface, and the rain received throughout the week, the season opener unfortunately had to be cancelled. “With the addition of the new dirt on the racing surface and all the rain received over the week, coupled with the cooler temperatures and lack of wind, the track just isn’t going to be dried out,” stated promoter Kenny Brown. “With the new dirt, we don’t want to get off to a bad start and have a rough racing surface and end up chasing that for the first few races. We want to give racers a great track and have the fans see the great racing Belle-Clair is known for.” Stay …

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December 3rd event canceled

The race that was scheduled for December 3rd has been canceled due to a conflict with another event scheduled at the fairgrounds. Belle-Clair Speedway is looking for another date before the Dome race to have a practice session.

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  • July 28th, 2017 Results

    600cc Winged Micros A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 14-Kurt Westerfield, [11]; 2. 12C-Carlee Gress, [6]; 3. 10-Derek Lemaster, [4]; 4. 33-Ryan Mueller, [2]; 5. 65E-Chad Elliott, [1]; 6. 45-Lucas Pejakovich, [5]; 7. 21Z-Jeremy Zumwalt, [17]; 8. 95J-Josh Fisher, [15]; 9. 71-Jake Cheatham, [19]; 10. 13K-Christopher King, [14]; 11. 22-Dustin Clary, [10]; 12. 88-Scottie Gretzmacher, [16]; 13. 7P-Jeff Pierce, [13]; 14. 16T-Alec Cranberry, [7]; 15. 72-Tony Clifton, [18]; 16. 48M-Logan Manson, [3]; 17. 8W-Breanna Wirth, [8]; 18. 96-Mark Gass, [20]; 19. 41-Brett Pemberton, [9]; 20. 17K-Kevin Horcher, [12] B Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 21Z-Jeremy Zumwalt, [12]; 2. 72-Tony Clifton, [2]; 3. 71-Jake Cheatham, [11]; 4. 96-Mark Gass, [3]; 5. 81B-Keith Baalmann, [7]; 6. 4P-Colton Pierce, [9]; …

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