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July 28th, 2017 Results

600cc Winged Micros A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 14-Kurt Westerfield, [11]; 2. 12C-Carlee Gress, [6]; 3. 10-Derek Lemaster, [4]; 4. 33-Ryan Mueller, [2]; 5. 65E-Chad Elliott, [1]; 6. 45-Lucas Pejakovich, [5]; 7. 21Z-Jeremy Zumwalt, [17]; 8. 95J-Josh Fisher, [15]; 9. 71-Jake Cheatham, [19]; 10. 13K-Christopher King, [14]; 11. 22-Dustin Clary, [10]; 12. 88-Scottie Gretzmacher, [16]; 13. 7P-Jeff Pierce, [13]; 14. 16T-Alec Cranberry, [7]; 15. 72-Tony Clifton, [18]; 16. 48M-Logan Manson, [3]; 17. 8W-Breanna Wirth, [8]; 18. 96-Mark Gass, [20]; 19. 41-Brett Pemberton, [9]; 20. 17K-Kevin Horcher, [12] B Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 21Z-Jeremy Zumwalt, [12]; 2. 72-Tony Clifton, [2]; 3. 71-Jake Cheatham, [11]; 4. 96-Mark Gass, [3]; 5. 81B-Keith Baalmann, [7]; 6. 4P-Colton Pierce, [9]; 7. 66M-Scott Moore, [4]; 8. 12-Dave Couch, [8]; 9. 38E-Shane Gillam, [1]; 10. 55-Charlie Keeven, [6]; 11. 11-Alex Midkiff, [10]; 12. 115-Tim England, [5]; 13. 101-Tobias Midkiff, [13]; 14. 5-Steve Knepper, [14] Heat 1 (10 Laps): …

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Friday, 7/28 – Summer Sizzle Late Model Non Feature Winners

Belle-Clair Speedway Summer Sizzle Friday, July 28th Late Model Non-Features Winner  The Friday July, 28th event will feature the UMP Late Models Presented by Kettler & Son’s Concrete, Modifieds, B-Mods, Belleville Automotive Pure Stocks, and BOSS Performance 600cc Outlaw Micros. Spectator gates will open at 5:00pm, hot laps at 6:15pm with racing following hot laps.  General Admission is $15.00 Kids (under 12) FREE with adult.  For more Information, go to   Times Pit Gates Open – 3:00pm Spectator gates open – 5:00pm General Admission – $15.00, Kids (under 12) FREE with adult Drivers Meeting – 6:00pm Hot Laps – 6:15pm, racing following hot laps   Classes UMP Late Models Presented by Kettler & Son’s Concrete UMP Modifieds Pro-Mods (B-Mods) Pure Stocks Presented by Belleville Automotive BOSS Performance 600cc Outlaw Micros    

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26th Knepper Memorial Postponed

St. Louis, MO (July 19th, 2017) – This weekend’s action at Tri-City Speedway, Belle-Clair Speedway and Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 have been canceled due to a multiple-day excessive heat advisory for the St. Louis area. From the National Weather Service St. Louis Office: “A major heat wave has unfolded on Tuesday and has gripped the area through Saturday. Dangerous levels of heat are forecast with the most oppressive conditions occurring Thursday through Saturday when highs will range from 99 to 105 degrees, and afternoon/early evening heat index values will be from 105-115. The St. Louis metro region will experience the most dangerous heat levels throughout the area.” Belle-Clair Speedway located in Belleville, IL had a two day show scheduled this weekend on Friday and Saturday. The Friday show featuring UMP Late Models, UMP Modifieds, B-Modifieds, Sport Compacts and Micro Sprints has been canceled. The Saturday show which was …

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Summer Nationals Event at Belle-Clair Speedway Canceled Due to Rain

  CONCORD, N.C. — July 5, 2017 — With rain currently in the Belleville, IL-area and forecasted to continue throughout the day, officials have cancelled tonight’s Summer Nationals event at Belle-Clair Speedway on Wednesday, July 5, 2017. The Summer Nationals tour will continue Thursday, July 6 at Macon Speedway, in Macon, IL. For more information on the Summer Nationals tour visit

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