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Tyler Vantoll Claims DII Midget win on the Opening Night of Illinois SPEED Week

CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS FROM BELLE-CLAIR SPEEDWAY! Belleville, IL – Tyler Vantoll of Belleville, Illinois swept the opening night of Illinois SPEED Week in the POWRi Lucas Oil ILLINI Division II Midget Series at Belle-Clair Speedway, snagging the heat race win and dominating every lap of the feature. Vantoll’s victory at Belle-Clair has been a long time coming as the driver has had several opportunities to capture his first win snatched away by bad luck. However, Vantoll was able to keep the gremlins away long enough to get to stand in victory lane, an excellent start for Illinois SPEED Week. “Getting the first one is always a relief,” said Vantoll. “I’m hoping during the SPEED Week, we can get a couple more, but I’m definitely going for top five finishes and I want to be able to get the championship at the end. I think we can set ourselves …

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Belle-Clair Speedway Results 5/6/16

Rick Salter – Connor Hamilton photo Dennis Ponder – Connor Hamilton photo Joe B. Miller – Connor Hamilton photo Jimmy Cummins – Connor Hamilton photo Willy Myers – Connor Hamilton photo UMP Late Models Heat 1: 1. 61 Caleb Ashby 2. 14 Jon Friederich 3. 27K Greg Kimmons 4. 16 Mike Hammerle Heat 2: 1. 95 Andrew Johns 2. 1S Rick Salter 3. 78 Chad Zobrist 4. 10 Daryn Klein Dash: 1. 1S Rick Salter 2. 78 Chad Zobrist 3. 27K Greg Kimmons 4. 61 Caleb Ashby Feature: 1. 1S Rick Salter 2. 16 Mike Hammerle 3. 30 Mark Voigt 4. 10 Daryn Klein 5. 27K Greg Kimmons 6. 12S Richie Standridge 7. 12T Dave Thornton 8. 61 Caleb Ashby 9. 26M Brent McKinnon 10. 27S Mike Schulte 11. 95 Andrew Johns 12. 14 Jon Friederich 13. 27F Corey Ford 14. 7 Matt Wiedner 15. 21T Trevor Thornton 16. 78 …

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Felker and Benson Take Wins at Belle-Clair

Belleville, IL – Andrew Felker of Carl Junction, Missouri overtook Zach Daum in the final laps of the Lucas Oil POWRi National Midget Series feature event to earn his sixth-career victory with the series, on a two-in-a-row victory streak after his win last week at Macon Speedway. Nathan Benson of Concordia, Missouri utilized lap traffic to pick off Slater Helt for his second Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series victory of 2016, his 17th victory with the series. In typical thrilling Belle-Vegas fashion, Felker would come from eighth, as Christopher Bell and Austin Brown shared the front row for the start of the 30 lap feature. At the drop of the green, Bell would take the lead with Zach Daum in tow. Struggling to keep the front wheels on the ground, Daum worked overtime to reel in Bell. The gap between the two drivers would shorten as Bell quickly closed …

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Brian Wolfmeier, Jimmy Cummins, Eric Harris, Kurt Westerfield & Jeff Asher take Southern Illinois Shootout wins!

Brian Wolfmeier – Connor Hamilton photo Jimmy Cummins – Connor Hamilton photo Eric Harris – Connor Hamilton photo Kurt Westerfield – Connor Hamilton photo Jeff Asher – Connor Hamilton photo April 22nd, 2016 UMP Modifieds Heat 1: 1. 22 David Seger 2. 95 Randy Dietzel 3. 7 Blake Thompson 4. 20W Shane Wilson 5. 76F Walter Ford, Jr. 6. 87Z Zeb Moake 7. 24T Louis Taylor Heat 2: 1. 10 Rick Standridge 2. 6 Justin Reando 3. 12R Tyler Ratajczyk 4. 12 Chris King 5. 24S Jacob Steinkoenig 6. 31 Brian Shubirg Heat 3: 1. 37 Brian Wolfmeier 2. 25 Brett Korves 3. 70 Brian Bielong 4. 84 Tyler Deibert 5. 81 Paul Bailey 6. 12S Rich Standridge Feature: 1. 37 Brian Wolfmeier 2. 70 Brian Bielong 3. 6 Justin Reando 4. 12R Tyler Ratajczyk 5. 7 Blake Thompson 6. 81 Paul Bailey 7. 22 David Seger 8. 87Z Zeb …

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Jeff Asher takes Mod Lite win!

Belle-Clair Speedway April 15th, 2016 Heat 1: 1. 11M Terry Moulton 2. 28 Billy Beard 3. 7 Cody Miller 4. 11T Chad Despain 5. 25 Robert Halbrook 6. 1 John Potter Heat 2: 1. 111 Matt Dotson 2. 4F Randy Foutch 3. 56 Jeff Asher 4. 23M Duston Moulton 5. 21 Chasten Boen Feature: 1. 56 Jeff Asher 2. 28 Billy Beard 3. 111 Matt Dotson 4. 23M Duston Moulton 5. 11M Terry Moulton 6. 4F Randy Foutch 7. 7 Cody Miller 8. 11T Chad Despain 9. 25 Robert Halbrook 10. 21 Chasten Boen 11. 1 John Potter

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Joe B. Miller takes WAR Wingless Sprint win at Belle-Clair Speedway!

Belle-Clair Speedway Belleville, IL(April 15, 2016)-In a race that saw three drivers lead at least eight laps each, Joe B. Miller led the final seven laps to pick up his first career Boss Chassis WAR Series win. Rookie Clinton Boyles paced the field early from his second starting spot as he moved by Tucker Klaasmeyer going into turn one. Boyles set a furious pace on the fifth-mile oval as he was chased early on by Terry Babb.  With the leaders in heavy lapped traffic, Boyles would get a little high and into the wall allowing Babb to move by on lap thirteen.  The first stoppage of the race would happen with sixteen laps complete as Austin Brown got upside down in turn two ending the Millstadt, IL driver’s evening. Babb set the pace on the restart as Miller was on the move.  The two drivers gave the fans their money’s …

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Benson Hold off Miller and Camp, Takes POWRi Micro Season Opener

Nathan Benson – Connor Hamilton photo April 15th, 2016 – Belleville, IL – Nathan Benson of Concordia, Missouri conquered the Speedway Motors POWRi 600cc Outlaw Micro Series feature at Belle-Clair Speedway after a hard fought battle with Jeremy Camp, and holding off a hard charging Joe B. Miller to snag the season opener victory. Benson started on the front row outside of Lucas Pejakovich for the start of the 20 lap main event. At the drop of the green, Pejakovich looked to have the advantage over Benson and Jeremy Camp until Pejakovich clipped the infield tire exiting turn four. However, Pejakovich would save it, ultimately losing spots, but the caution would fly for Tyler Robbins in the middle of turns three and four. Returning to green flag racing, Jeremy Camp would follow Benson into turn one, diving to the bottom of the high-banked 1/5th mile as Benson screamed around the …

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Chad Zobrist, Tyler Deibert, Tyler VanToll, Tim Hancock & Marc McClintock win on Bob Johnston Memorial Night!

Belle-Clair Speedway April 1st, 2016 UMP Late Models Heat 1: 1. 78 Chad Zobrist 2. 27S Mike Schulte 3. 27K Greg Kimmons 4. 10 Daryn Klein 5. 4 Jason Suhre 6. 26M Brent McKinnon 7. 25 Myles Moos 8. 1A Levi Ashby 9. 61 Caleb Ashby DQ-Wrong Tire Heat 2: 1. 6k Michael Kloos 2. 95 Andrew Johns 3. 87 Jason Zobrist 4. 15 Richard Frost 5. 16H Mike Hammerle 6. 18 Bobby Dauderman 7. 21T Dave Thornton 8. 14F Jon Friederich Heat 3: 1. 7 Matt Weidner 2. 12T Trevor Thornton 3. 27F Corey Ford 4. 11D Brian Diveley 5. 1S Rick Salter 6. 12S Rich Standridge 7. 14J Jay Baker 8. 16B Bo Brockway DQ-Wrong Tire Dash: 1. 7 Matt Weidner 2. 95 Andrew Johns 3. 78 Chad Zobrist 4. 27S Mike Schulte 5. 6K Michael Kloos 6. 12T Dave Thornton Semi: 1. 18 Bobby Dauderman 2. 91 Rusty …

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