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Belle-Clair Speedway (aka: BelleVegas) is a 1/5 mile semi-banked dirt oval located at the Belle-Clair Fairgrounds in Belleville, IL that hosts UMP Late Models, UMP Modifieds, UMP Pro Modifieds, UMP/AARA Pure Stocks, POWRi National Midget's, POWRi Micro's, Sprint Cars in addition to other family friendly events between the months of March and October. With the wide variety of events scheduled, there is something for everyone at the most action-packed track in Southern Illinois. Come visit the historic Little Belleville!



Marty Smith, Jr. takes B-Modified win at Belle-Clair Speedway

June 29th, 2016 B-Modifieds Heat 1: 1. 55 Marty Smith, Jr. 2. 23 Darron Forrest 3. 55 Joe Volluz 4. 39 Kyle Wilde Heat 2: 1. 17 Mike Jones 2. 43 Denny Tribout, Jr. 3. 57 Trey Harris 4. 19 Jimmy Cummins Heat 3: 1. C4 Chris Soutiea 2. 42 Clint Young 3. 19S Nathan Schmitt 4. 2F Nic Frey Feature: 1. 55 Marty Smith, Jr. 2. 23 Darron Forrest 3. 55 Joe Volluz 4. 43 Denny Tribout, Jr. 5. 19S Nathan Schmitt 6. 2F Nic Frey 7. 19 Jimmy Cummins 8. C4 Chris Soutiea 9. 57 Trey Harris 10. 39 Kyle Wilde 11. 66 CJ Volluz 12. 42 Clint Yount 13. M14 Shad Prescott 14. 6F Ronnie Flanigan 15. 11B Jeff Pasqualone 16. 18 Jerry Thompson 17. 188 Chris Merumio 18. 17 Mike Jones 19. 02 Brad Knepper DNS. 89T Travis Bittle

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Belle-Clair Summer Nationals Wednesday 6.29.16

Belleville, IL. – On Wednesday June 29th, the UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals will invade Belle-Clair Speedway. In addition to the UMP DIRTcar late models, the UMP modifieds will be also be in attendance. The 13th night out of 29, the UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals, dubbed “The Hell Tour,” is a grueling test of drivers and teams’ determination and drive as event is comprised of racing 28 times in 32 days, traveling over 5,500 miles from event to event. Competing for nearly $800,000 in total purse money over the course of the Summer Nationals, the stop at the 1/5th mile Belle-Clair Speedway produces some of the best side-by-side, fender-banging racing in the whole tour. Previous winners of the Summer Nationals appearance at Belle-Clair include Bobby Pierce (2015, 2014), Brandon Sheppard (2013), Jason Feger (2012), Ryan Unzicker (2011), Dennis Erb, Jr. (2010, 2009), and Will Vaught (2008). Pit Gates Open –1:00pm Pit …

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Belle-Clair Speedway POWRi Lucas Oil National Midgets, June 24th

This Friday’s June 24th event will feature the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midgets, POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micros and Mod Lites / Dwarfs. The UMP Late Models, UMP Modifieds, B-Mods, Belleville Automotive Pure Stocks, UMP Pro 4 Cylinder Hornets/ Sport Compacts and BOSS Chassis 600cc Outlaw Micros will have the weekend off. Spectator gates will open at 5:00pm, hot laps at 6:30pm with racing following hot laps.  General Admission is $15.00 Kids (under 12) FREE with adult.  For more Information, go to   Times Pit Gates Open – 3:00pm Spectator gates open – 5:00pm General Admission – $15.00, Kids (under 12) FREE with adult Hot Laps – 6:30pm, racing following hot laps   Classes POWRi Lucas Oil National Midgets POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micros Mod Lites / Dwarfs

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Belle-Clair Speedway Results 6/17/16

UMP Late Models Heat 1: 1. 1S Rick Salter 2. 10K Daryne Klein 3. 30 Mark Voigt 4. 7 Matt Weidner Heat 2: 1. 27 Greg Kimmons 2. 78 Chad Zobrist 3. 4 Jason Suhre 4. 16H Mike Hammerle Heat 3: 1. 25 Frankie Martin 2. 16G Rusty Griffaw 3. 27S Mike Schulte 4. 27F Corey Ford Dash: 1. 16G Rusty Griffaw 2. 1S Rick Salter 3. 78 Chad Zobrist 4. 27 Greg Kimmons Feature: 1. 1S Rick Salter 2. 16 Rusty Griffaw 3. 7 Matt Weidner 4. 10K Daryn Klein 5. 27 Greg Kimmons 6. 30 Mark Voigt 7. 16H Mike Hammerle 8. 12 Rick Standridge 9. 12T Dave Thornton 10. 15 Richard Frost 11. 4 Jason Suhre 12. 27F Corey Ford 13. 27S Mike Schulte 14. 14J John Baker 15. 13R Dustin Reese 16. 87 Jason Zobrist 17. 25 Frankie Martin 18. 78 Chad Zobrist 19. 34 Chase …

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  • October 13th, 2018 Results

    Belleville, IL – Logan Seavey added himself to the winner’s list of the Charlene Meents Memorial, taking the 14th annual with the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League at Belle-Clair Speedway and adding his name alongside some of the best in the business. Seavey’s Meents Memorial victory is his sixth of 2018 with POWRi, tying him with current League point leader Tucker Klaasmeyer. After the initial start being called because as a result of a spun Tucker Klaasmeyer off turn two, Seavey piloted his Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports Toyota-powered Bullet by Spike into the early lead over Holly Shelton and Jerry Coons, Jr. As the laps clicked off, Shelton closed in on Seavey rolling the bottom …

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